RF Club Model Review at Grieco Mazda

Let me start off by saying the people at Grieco were very kind as to let Marisol and I take a new RF out for an extended test drive today. Special thank you to Cedrick for making this happen.

Upon entering the cabin, I noticed the very upscale look of the interior of the car but also felt a slight bit cramped as compared to my car but nothing I couldn’t live with. The seats were a little snug too for me width wise but seemed to hold you in place very well in the turns. Hopefully the side bolsters will relax and soften up somewhat over time to be more comfortable for me.

In driving the car, I noticed how silky smooth the shifting was and the get up and go the car had as compared to my NC. The exhaust note was very nice and again sounded better to me than my stock NC.

The question for me in wanting to test drive the car was the open air feeling and if it felt like it was a real convertible or not. The resounding answer to that was yes.

You don’t really notice the targa bar overhead or the side fastbacks unless you are looking to the rear sides of the car. Vision to the sides is definitely lacking but you have to rely on your mirrors for that.

Looking directly out the rear view mirror was not an issue at all vision wise. Felt no difference than my hardtop.

Overall the same exhilarating feeling of driving a true convertible is found in the new RF. Mazda did a fine job in designing the car and I’m certain it will be a huge success.